Brain Function

Prevention is key! What can you do about Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is diagnosed by symptoms, brain tests like the MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) Test, and PET scans which are like MRI’s of the brain. 95% of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s do not get a PET scan because it is not covered by insurance and is expensive. Sometimes a spinal tap is needed to assess Alzheimer’s’[…]

Can Neuro Glasses Help Traumatic Brain Injuries from Concussions?

The short answer is, Yes! And here is how they work. In a concussion or traumatic brain injury the impact causes your brain to slosh around inside the skull, damaging the finely wired circuitry. While many people recover within three months of a hit to their head, a good percentage do not. Those people need[…]

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