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 Neuro Eye Exam

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Our in-depth Neuro-Optometric Exam goes into more detail than determining clear eyesight.

Our specialized Neuro Eye Exams assess the use of:


Lenses focus light. Neuro glasses can be very helpful to the brain by slightly altering the amount of nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatism prescription you have in order to expand or contract space on the right or left or both sides of your vision.

This often helps with balance, clumsiness, attention, and the perception of space.


  • TINTS which are specific frequencies of light that can affect neural pathways from the eye to the brain.

Tinted lenses can help balance the autonomic nervous system.
This is the part of your nervous system that controls the inner workings of your body like your heart beating and lungs breathing.

Tints rely on a completely different pathway into the brain than the strength of a lens. They can be stimulating or calming depending on what is needed.

  • PRISMS that can bend light to stimulate a certain area of your retina to reach specific neural pathways in the brain.Prisms move light. They can be used to help coordinate the two eyes together better or to selectively stimulate parts of the retina which can then activate certain areas of the brain. As with lenses, they can expand or contract left or right space or both.

Motion sensitivity and sickness, eye coordination and attention, and focus are often helped by prisms.

  • OCCLUSION FILTERS that can block light from hitting certain areas of the back of your eye to calm the brain.

Sometimes it is not which part of the retina is stimulated by neuro glasses it is which part of the retina needs less stimulation so it can help quiet down an overactive part of your brain.

Small, strategically placed translucent filters can calm down an overactive brain, reducing “overwhelm” from the environment, a common concussion symptom.

  • RIGHT EYE© specialized eye tracking program

This program shows if there are inefficiencies in how the brain tells the eyes to move. The Right Eye can also identify eye tracking issues due to the lack of proper neural development which is very useful in school aged children who have learning difficulties.

In many patients with concussions, their eye movements are altered. This comes from the injured brain not properly communicating with the nerves in the eye muscles, not the eye muscles themselves. As the brain heals, the eye movements improve in a measurable way.

As you work through our programs, the Right Eye will be able to objectively show you the progress you are making.

PL Before Neuro Glasses

BEFORE Neuro Glasses

PL After Neuro Glasses

AFTER Neuro Glasses

  • COLOR FIELD TESTING for the determination of peripheral vision status and nervous system imbalances.

  • SPATIAL and AUDITORY LOCALIZATION testing to finalize the best neuro prescription for you. Many people, even if they did not have a concussion, do not accurately judge visual and auditory space. Normalizing this perception can be really helpful to an overworked brain.

Together, this information allows us to create a personalized pair of neuro glasses and a Therapy Program for us to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Therapy programs may include Light Therapy, Brain Activities and Nutritional Support as needed based on lab tests and health history.

  • LIGHT THERAPY. Often called Syntonics or photobiomodulation, light therapy involves looking at a precise frequency of colored light or wearing colored goggles with that frequency for short amounts of time. The goal of light therapy is to balance the nervous system, normalize pupil function and to expand peripheral awareness. It can be a huge help to an exhausted nervous system.

  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT. We address the unique needs that people have in the nutritional area when working on their eye-brain connection. The brain needs specific nutrients and oxygen to heal and function normally.

The brain does not exist in a vacuum and other parts of the body can influence brain function, especially the digestive tract.

Helping to normalize your gut function can go a long way toward stabilizing your brain function.

Inflammation, which is a major block to regaining normal brain function, can also be helped by balanced nutrition.

  • LAB TESTS can provide clues as to which systems of the body can be interfering with brain function. High quality, easily absorbed, supplements can help with deficiencies and reduce inflammation thereby allowing a more efficient route to healing the brain.

  • BRAIN ACTIVITIES. The brain thrives on activity. Targeted eye movements can strengthen neural pathways in the brain that can help with balance and fine motor control.

Thinking games, balancing exercises, fine and gross motor activities especially if rhythmic, and eye hand coordination exercises can go a long way to stabilizing the new connections between the eye and the brain made with neuro glasses.

We track the success of our patients by their reports of how they are now able to do things and live their lives in a way that they could not after their concussion or brain injury.

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