What Is Neuro- Optometry?

Traditional optometry focuses on clarity of sight whereas neuro-optometry addresses how vision is a key part of a healthy, working brain. 

Using specialized neuro glasses to redirect how light enters your retina, and where it travels to in your brain, can have a profound effect on rebalancing neural pathways.
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Personalized neuro glasses improve specific visual pathways to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Additional support comes from light therapy, brain activities, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The People We Help Have:

At Eye Brain Connection, our Comprehensive Eye Exams allow us to determine your prescription for clear vision as well as screen for eye health conditions.

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Our Neuro Eye Exams show any imbalances in your eye-brain connections – how your brain interprets the visual signals your retina is sending and how you respond to those signals.

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Dr. Trinka has decades of experience in the fields of vision, neuro-optometry and nutrition, including interpreting lab tests relevant to your eye-brain connection. Over those years, he has synthesized an approach that works to improve fundamental levels of imbalance and dysfunction between vision and the brain.

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Dr.Trinka is amazing! Without him I wouldn’t have begun to recover from a near fatal head injury. No matter how long it took he kept working to find the root cause of my issue.
– M.A., Traumatic Brain Injury
I had frequent migraines every month. Ever since I got neuro glasses, I haven’t had a single one.
– Naomi H., Migraines
I was fitted with a set of glasses that gave me joy the instant I put them on. I had not had steady balance and fatigue plagued me. It was the first time in a year I was not fighting the world to walk a straight line.
– Mae K., Optic Neuritis
After getting neuro glasses from Dr.T, my SAT scores improved by 150 points.
– D.S., Concussion
After my cataract surgery I could not focus well… I was resigned to a life of closing one eye to read anything. Dr.Trinka performed some tests that I had never seen before. When he gave me trial lenses that I could explore with around his office, my eyes welled up. I could see!  Thank you!”
– Carrie B., Cataract Surgery
Great experience. Amazing results. After getting into a pretty bad car accident, my vision wasn’t the same. …Dr.Trinka identified that I was a great candidate for neuro glasses and helped me get back to normal.
– Jamie S., Concussion
Dr.Trinka employs new techniques… and prescribes glasses that not only help my eyesight but also help the functioning of my brain. Simply amazing!
– Gail R., Binocular Dysfunction
Dr.Trinka listens, is very knowledgeable and actually cares about my vision problems. The whole team is wonderful and attentive. I highly recommend them.
– Samantha H., Concussion
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