Developmental Vision Exam

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When evaluating a school-aged child who is having learning difficulties, Dr.Trinka must make the determination of whether the problem lies in visual efficiency (tracking, teaming and focusing), visual development, or both.

Visual development are the stages that a child goes through as they mature from an infant to a child to a teenager. Given the normal progression of development, a child can easily tell which is right and left on their body and project that into space. They can easily remember things that are visually processed.

They can easily pick out a simple figure in a complex background. And, they can recognize a form no matter if it is upside down or reversed right and left. They can also make their hands do what their brain wants, guided by their eyes.

Problems in these areas lead to poor handwriting, slow reading, inability to remember what is read, poor comprehension and struggles in school among other things.

A developmental exam investigates each of these areas with standardized tests that compare the child’s performance with their grade norms.

In this way, Dr.Trinka can determine which areas are not developed and provide specific therapies to help strengthen them. Neuro glasses can be very useful as one of the therapies.


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