The 7 Steps 2 Health

Understanding how nutrition has a strong impact on brain function, vision and overall health, led me to attain my degree as a Certified Nutritionist at American Health University. 

I have studied with some of the top nutritional clinicians in the country in key areas of health including lab interpretations, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal and blood sugar irregularities, autoimmunity and gastrointestinal imbalances.

 My personal philosophy embraces the importance of the uniqueness of the person as key to addressing their health issues. I see my role as being a source of information and resources and I try to empower people to take the steps that will benefit their health. 

I respect where each individual is in their journey to health and I look for the mechanisms of why a person may be having a health challenge. 

I am passionate about educating people in the many ways neuro-optometry and nutritional balancing can assist them in their health goals.

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