What Is Neurological Optometry?

Neuro-optometry specializes in the diagnosing and balancing of the neural pathways between the retina and the brain.

The ability to see clearly, either naturally or with the help of glasses, is only the starting point. This involves a very small part of the central retina.

The peripheral retina sends signals to many parts of the brain nearly simultaneously, affecting much more than eyesight alone. Traditional eye exams do not address this.

In addition, all the parts of the brain receiving these signals send information back to the retina creating a connection between your eyes and brain affecting things like your balance, posture, emotions, cognition, hearing, hormones and circadian rhythms. 

Specially designed neuro glasses can affect all of these things by altering the light that comes into your eyes from the environment.

A neuro-optometrist conducts specialized testing to determine which tints, prisms, filters and changes to your basic Rx are needed for you.  

These neuro lenses will direct light to certain parts of the retina that will bypass or stimulate dysfunctional or underdeveloped parts of your brain, rewiring new pathways.

Sometimes vision therapy or physical neuro exercises are used to strengthen the connections and to help anchor the new pathways.