Some Patient experiences

"I was fitted with a set of glasses that gave me joy the instant I put them on.  I had not had steady balance and fatigue plagued me.  It was the first time in year I was not fighting the world to walk a straight line."

--M.K., Optic Neuritis

 "I had frequent migraines every month.  Every since I got neuro glasses, I haven't had a single one." 

--N.H., Migraines

 "After getting neuro glasses from Dr. T, my SAT scores improved by 150 points." 

--D.S., Concussion

"Neuro glasses calmed my anxiety/depression and improved my balance.  My mood is way more stable."

--E.S., Vestibular Neuronitis

 "After my cataract surgery I could not focus well and I was told to let my eyes adjust.  They did not...  I was resigned to a life of closing one eye to read anything.  Finally, I went to see Dr. Trinka.  He performed some tess that I had never seen before.  When he inserted trial lenses in a headpiece that I could explore with around his office, my eyes welled up.  I could see!  Thank you!

--C.B., Cataract Surgery

"Absolutely the best eye exam I've received!  Terry is so much more than an optometrist.  He is concerned about the whole health of the body, not just the eyes, because he knows that the health of the eyes are indicative of the health of the body.  He gets that it is all interconnected."