Optometric phototherapy, Syntonics, or color therapy all are words to describe the process of shining of differing frequencies of light into the eye to create balance in your nervous system. 

     It can calm an overactive nervous system or quiet down an overactive one.

Many factors go into the decision of which light frequency combinations are optimal for your particular situation. Optometric findings, emotional status, health history, body type, and color fields are all combined to arrive at a prescription for light therapy.

A typical program involves renting a light machine and looking at the light over about a month's period of time. Most often, you sit quietly in a semi-darkened room and look at a color for 10-20 minutes 5 consecutive days in a row, followed by 2-3 days off. This cycle is repeated twice and then another color field is charted to see if progress is being made. Sometimes an adjustment of the frequencies is made at this visit. Then, another two rounds of 5 days on and 2 days off. A final color field is charted to assess progress.