Pre- and Post-Operative LASIK and Cataract Exams

A critical role in the decision to have LASIK or cataract surgery is a proper consult. An optometrist is the first professional you will seek to improve your eyesight in this way.

There are certain guidelines that guide Dr. Trinka in helping you decide whether or not a surgical option is the best choice for you. One of the largest factors is weighing the problems with your eyesight in daily life versus the risk of a surgical procedure. With LASIK and cataract surgery, the risks for complications are small yet real.

The comprehensive eye exam will uncover the need or appropriateness for a surgical option. A careful discussion of risk and benefits follows.

Dr. Trinka can refer you to surgical teams he has worked with for over 20 years. 

Pending approval from the surgeons, an appointment is made for the procedure and the first day post op visit is made at our office. Subsequent followup visits are then scheduled to complete the post operative care.​